Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.

– Stephane Nappo

Information Security Services

An information security strategy built throughout your organization is essential to manage risks and maintain the protection of your customers, employees, and most critical resources. Our security professionals support clients in developing strategic roadmaps, policies, and procedural controls that business organizations implement to secure information assets against threats and vulnerabilities.

Cyber Risk Management Services

Cyber risk management programs help you identify, analyze and address your organization’s cyber risks. Our security professionals can create a tailored solution that enables you to meet regulatory compliance and executive risk appetite and enhance your overall business strategy that reduces your risk and ensures your data’s integrity.

Risk Management, Compliance and Audit

Security, compliance, and risk management audits can comprehensively assess an organization’s security and production operations. Our team of security and compliance consultants can support you in implementing accepted compliance and risk management practices that help strengthen your overall risk and compliance management program.

About us

Prequence provides comprehensive services to help clients identify, manage and maintain overall security risks, and remain resilient to future threats. Prequence was founded in 2019 with the ambition to help businesses of all kinds to take proper security to protect their data. We are proud to have built a strong reputation for providing our clients with highly effective and efficient services.

We value our trusted relationships with existing clients and want to do the same with more as we expand and grow.

– Prequence

Our Values

We strongly believe that what has helped us build a strong reputation is the effort we put into making sure that our team consists of experts with extensive experience within the industry. We value our trusted relationships with existing clients and want to do the same with more as we expand and grow. Therefore, our main business is delivering consultancy and staffing professionals with IT Risk and Security backgrounds. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy as a security risk consultancy that strives to provide the best services enables our clients to solve their security risk issues. Instead of considering every assignment a one-time service, we strive for a long-term relationship with our clients. We want to help their businesses understand what they need to do to remain resilient against future cyber threats and how to protect their valuable assets. We also strongly believe in developing partnerships with industry experts and organizations to enable us to provide the best service for any problem for our clients.


A partnership enables organizations to achieve impossible goals. Think of developing new products and services, designing innovation, or developing new business models.

We firmly believe that with the right partners and collaborations, we can excel and provide clients with the best services. Together we can develop tooling, provide services, or develop new innovative ideas. We are therefore always open to new collaborations with organizations or individuals.

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Why choose us

We dare to think differently and know how to find the right experts to solve a specific problem for our clients. Our main goal is to help clients solve their problems and build long-term relationships to understand their business, needs and valuable assets. With this insight, we can address their security risks and vulnerabilities more efficiently and effectively within any budget.

We are proud to have been able to work for these clients:

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